Hi, welcome, come in, read something. I’d offer you coffee or tea, but this is a website.

I am a writer specializing in automotive news articles¬†and workers rights. I want to break into outdoor writing, but I have an easier time landing automotive clients. I specialize in cars so much because I was an automotive technician for 6 years, and my workers rights cred comes from being an organizer and a part of an international union. If you are considering a career in the automotive industry, my advice is to not use a technical school, you’ll learn more on the job. Oh and being a technician is really hard on prosthetics, so consider that.

When I’m not writing or studying my next journalism piece, I like to write sci-fi, fantasy, or other forms of fiction. I haven’t been published yet, but I’m sure trying. I hope you found this because I was just published and you saw my link in my bio. If so, give me a follow, I try to always follow back.